Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Hundred Fifty-first Pope: Damasus II - 2 comments

Poppo of Brixen (yes, that's his real name) ultimately drove the Triple-Pope Benedict IX out for the final time, and was elected Pope with the local Italian support. His reign was short-lived, however. Poppo took the name Damasus II, and promptly went on vacation to Palestrina, about 20 miles outside of Rome. He caught malaria and died there, after only 24 days as Pope, the 7th shortest reign so far.


Blogger Patrick Flor said...

poppo = plato after a night out painting the forum red.

Wednesday, 14 March, 2007  
Blogger matt kirkland said...

Ha! I can see the resemblance. I think by the end of a night out he would start demanding his friends only call him 'Brix."

Wednesday, 14 March, 2007  

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