Saturday, May 05, 2007

Two Hundred Second Pope: Urban VI - 0 comments

One could say that the Western Schism, which marks its beginning with Urban VI, started with some local Roman trouble. The college of cardinals, gathered in Italy to elect the next pope after Gregory's death, felt threatened by the crowds of locals. They elected the Italian Bartolomeo Prigano, who then took the name Urban VI.

The French cardinals later set up a rival pope at Avignon, Clement VII. As usualy, these anti-popes screw up the numbering system for everybody, and don't do much of any good. Clement was officially designated an (the?) anti-christ, the French said some equally mean things about Urban, and it ended, as things do, with open warfare.

Urban died, while still campaigning, of a fall from his mule in 1389.


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