Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Two Hundred Third Pope: Boniface IX - 0 comments

Boniface was elected as Urban VI's successor, and maintained the Italian side of the Western Schism. This long split within the church was a big worry to nearly everybody: many of his supporters actually asked him to abdicate, and allow the current Avignon Pope to rule in his stead. This included some big names in Europe: Richard II of England, Jolly Old King Wenceslas, and John Wyclif (who we can't really count as a supporter).

Boniface maintained his position throughout his life, however, sometimes brutally crushing those that opposed him. For instance: at one point a growing movement of fanatic/troublemaking Christians donned white, hooded robes and started a pilgrimage toward Rome. They were a sect of flagellants, but generally caused trouble along their way. Boniface burnt their leader at the stake.

He ruled for fifteen years, and died in 1404 - making him our first pope of the fifteenth century!


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