Friday, June 22, 2007

Two Hundred Forty-eighth Pope: Clement XIII - 0 comments

It's pretty astounding how only a few papal names have been in fashion for the last four hundred years or so. It's pretty much all Clement, John, Paul, Benedict, Innocent, and Pius from 1600 until now. I miss the days of Caius, Sylvester, Eleutherius, Telephorus, and Zephyrinus. Heck, even Lando!

Anyway. On to Clement (sigh) XIII. He ruled for eleven years, from 1758 to 1769. He was one of the rare popes to support the Jesuits, who were increasingly reviled in Europe (meanwhile, they were nearly running the place down in South America). He was a modest pope - oh, let's just call him a prude - and mass-produced fig leaves to cover up all the classical nude statues in the Vatican.


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