Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fifteenth Pope: Zephyrinus - 0 comments

Zephyrinus was born in Rome, and was buried on the Appian Way.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fourteenth Pope: Victor I - 0 comments

It's at this point that the popes start looking like dwarves to me. The big hat/helmets really start to add to it, but later come the forked beards. Look out, world.

Thirteenth Pope: Eleutherius - 2 comments

Yes, he's holding a castle.

Twelfth Pope: Soter - 0 comments

Soter is sometimes known as the Pope of Charity.

Eleventh Pope: Anicetus - 1 comments

Anicetus fought against the Gnostics, and was the first to strictly declare Montanism as heresy. That's why I've never been to Montana.

Tenth Pope: Pius I - 1 comments

Pius also maintained the Bishopric of the Planet of the Apes.

Ninth Pope: Hyginus - 0 comments

Hyginus: pope #9.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eighth Pope: Telephorus - 0 comments

Telephorus spent time as a hermit, and is the pope (since Peter) with any credible evidence to his martyrdom.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Seventh Pope: Sixtus - 0 comments

I can't fathom why Sixtus wasn't the sixth pope. . . but I'm no historian. Well, his name is alternately spelled Xystus, and his feast day is on April 6.

Sixth Pope: Alexander I - 0 comments

Alexander I reigned at the same time as the Roman Emperor Hadrian. I think that's why the tradition of really big hats starts with him.

Fifth Pope: Evaristus - 0 comments

Evaristus is widely considered a martyr, but there are no reliable records to support this. Go figure.

Fourth Pope: Clement I - 0 comments

Clement looks pretty mean here, but I'm sure it's just influence of the portrait I drew from. Cameras don't lie, but you can never really trust a tile mosaic. Especially at the turn of the second century.

Third Pope: Anacletus - 3 comments

There's quite a bit of dispute about the third pope's proper name. He's referred to as Cletus, Anacletus, Anencletus, Iraeneus, Eusebius, Augustine, and Optatus. I think he also went by Bill Murray.

Second Pope: Linus - 0 comments

Linus held the papacy from 56 to 67 A.D., according to tradition.

First Pope: Peter - 1 comments

Traditionally, St. Peter was the first pope. This drawing was from a Carvaggio painting, so he's got a properly biblical look about him.

One Pope per Day: a sketch experiment. - 1 comments

What's with the popes? It's nothing personal.

I was looking for a new subject for a series of blind contour drawings (last year, I drew Friedrich der Grosse once per day for a month). I really like drawing old men - the wrinkles are great fun. I thought to myself, where could I find some wrinkly old men to draw? The answer was obvious.

So: one pope per day, in order. Each drawing starts as a blind contour (a continuous line, without looking down at the paper), and then embellished. Let's get drawing!